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6 August 1975
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I'm Jamie and I'm an actor/director/producer/etc... in NYC. I've lived here about 8 years and can't possibly imagine being anywhere else in the world. I've discovered that I'm often defined by my work or what it is that I happen to be doing at the moment. I've also discovered that as much as there is a lot more to me than my work, I don't mind that being the first thing someone knows about me. I am my work in a lot of ways, but I define it. It doesn't define me. But it does make me a very happy person.

As an actor I do a lot of work on cartoons as a voice actor for 4Kids on Saturday Mornings as well as dozens of anime titles. And as a producer and director I do a lot of charity and benefit work, putting together small and large-scale concerts in NYC and other parts of the country. For specifics you can check out my website at www.JamieMcG.com or www.WorldAIDSDayConcert.org

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